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Our Mission

Science and Innovation (SNI), clearly defined its mission to create the top-notch academic, educational resources and services also, to promote advance discoveries and scientific knowledge without any barriers. In order to achieve this mission, we facilitate researchers to collaborate with subject matter experts of their respective fields, discuss their ideas, exchange knowledge, and improvise on data generated. The database of published researches with SNI not only help research scholars with either ongoing project but also inspire to initiate new ideas. We improvise on innovation in research publication so as to escalate the support needed for the scientific communities, research scholars, students, libraries, educational institutions, research centers by following the publication ethics and maintain the integrity of the scientific publication.


Who We Are

Science and Innovation (SNI) is a scientific open access digital publisher dedicated to publishing high cutting edge research across the globe without any restrictions in order to promote the highest readership. We at SNI honor the importance of open data availability thus dedicated to publishing research, review, editorials, short notes, commentary, research notes, scientific reports, scientific presentations, image articles, and other forms of the manuscripts.

Science and Innovation (SNI) is a peer-reviewed open-access platform showcasing the novel research, ideas, and innovation aiming to inspire the young research minds and benefit the scientific organizations. Bringing together scientific knowledge and technology from different parts of the globe on one common platform so as to promote knowledge exchange and collaboration without any boundaries.

Benefits of publishing with Science and Innovation (SNI) publications

  • Renowned international scientists with subject matter expertise forming an editorial team to give intensive analysis and opinion on quality researches.

  • Highly qualified team of reviewers to investigate the submitted article to promote the quality of data and knowledge submitted in the form of articles.

  • Following the double-blind 21 days rapid peer-review process to speed up the publication process.

  • Full journal’s support to Editors, Reviewers, and Authors on every step of publication thus making the publication much simpler and faster.

Science and Innovation (SNI) digital scientific publisher is a team of individuals at the same pace focused on the common objective to promote and publish cutting edge research as well as the scientific content following the publication ethics and guidelines to grow as the scientific community that facilitates unrestricted knowledge sharing. Thus SNI urges you to join and contribute towards the growing SNI scientific community.

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