Cookies are small text files containing small amounts of information and allowing recognition of a user. The cookies allow us to monitor your use of the software thus, we can recognize your device e.g. IP address, browser information, information on user activities. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to collect information and to ensure that you get the most out of our site. Cookies are extensively used to make websites work more competent and help them remember the duration of your visit. You can control cookies through tools in the internet browser.  Some benefits of cookies are-

  • Recognize the existing user when they return to the website at a later date
  • Make the user’s web experience faster
  • Convenient
  • Personalized

Cookies serve as a memory tool and are of three types-

Session cookies are temporary cookies only retain information as long as users are on the website.

Permanent or persistent cookies stay on the user’s browser for a very long time. Through these cookies, computers remember and user’s login information, language selections, menu preferences, and many more.

Third-party cookies collect various types of data for ad targeting and behavioral advertising. They are set by domains that are not directly visited by the user and collect data based on your online behavior.

Cookies are set for the following purposes-

  • In navigating our site
  • Enhancing the user’s experience of using our site
  • Providing customized experience
  • Improving and analyzing our site and services

Delete or block cookies

However, certain cookies can be blocked to improve personal privacy and prevent data tracking. If they are deleted or blocked through browser settings, you may not be able to register or access certain features or site may stop working.

Third-party cookies

All reasonable efforts will have complied with your consent preferences but we cannot accommodate all your requests, the unpredictability of browser configurations, and user behavior. We also don’t control these third-party sites or cookies and this privacy policy does not apply to them.