Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is copying or an attempt to misattribute original authorship, whether of ideas, text, or results without attribution. The journal aims at protecting and promoting the original work of its authors. Plagiarism is said to have occurred when large portions of a submitted manuscript have been copied from existing previously published resources without any acknowledgment. All manuscripts submitted for publication to journals are cross-checked for duplication using anti-plagiarism software. Manuscripts found to be plagiarized before initiation of the review process are out-rightly rejected and not considered for publication in the journal. In case a manuscript is found to be plagiarized after acceptance, the Editor-in-Chief will conduct a preliminary investigation. If it is found to be plagiarized beyond the acceptable limits, the journal will contact the author’s Institute/ College/ University and further, the paper may also be formally retracted.

Types of Plagiarism

  • Full Plagiarism: Using previously published content without any changes to the text, idea, and grammar is considered as full plagiarism.
  • Partial Plagiarism: Using content from multiple different sources, where the author has extensively rephrased text, then it is known as partial plagiarism.
  • Self-Plagiarism: The author republishes their own previously published work in a new journal.

Policy and Action for Plagiarism

Science and Innovation (SNI) respects intellectual property and is strictly against any unethical act of copying or plagiarism in any form. Articles comprising of plagiarized material are against the standards of quality, research, and innovation. Hence, all authors submitting articles to journals are expected to follow the code of conduct and abstain from plagiarism, in any form. In case, an author is found to be suspected of plagiarism in a submitted or published manuscript then, the journal shall contact the authors to submit their explanation within two weeks for further course of action. If a journal does not receive any response from the author within the stipulated time period, then the Director/ Dean/ Head/Vice-Chancellor of the concerned College, Institution, Organization or University to which the author is affiliated shall be contacted to take strict action against the concerned author. Journal shall take serious action against published manuscripts found to contain plagiarism and shall completely remove them from the journal website.