Withdrawal Policy

The withdrawal process during editorial workflow has been categorized into two parts- before manuscript acceptance and after acceptance. Submitting authors may request a manuscript withdrawal after submission before acceptance, by providing a strong ethical reason. However, after the initiation of the review process, the author can withdraw the manuscript by providing a compelling ethical reason. If any unethical reason for manuscript withdrawal gets detected, the journal might take corresponding ethical action. The accepted or published manuscript is not allowed to be withdrawn. If the author requests a withdrawal of the manuscript any time after the peer review process or in the production stage or after it is published online, they will be fined with a withdrawal penalty. Authors are not allowed to play an unethical game of withdrawing the manuscript after acceptance to submit in another journal and waste the valuable resources and substantial amount of effort made in processing the article by the editors, reviewers, and the editorial staff.

Science and Innovation (SNI) provides a flat fee submission structure on the acceptance of a peer-reviewed article, which covers in part the entirety of the publication pathway. The process includes our maintenance, peer review systems, editing, formatting, publication, and submission to global indexing and tracking organizations and archiving to allow instant access to the whole article and associated supplementary documents. Withdrawal requests received within 3 days of submission before initiating the peer-review process will be considered immediately without asking any reason. Submitting the author is supposed to read all information related to the journal at the official homepage and agree with all co-authors before submission. This journal ensures enough investment to secure a symbiotic and sustainable model that is ethically, legally, and financially stable.

To avoid unnecessary withdrawal of manuscripts, Science and Innovation (SNI) have declared the following withdrawal policy. The corresponding author or co-authors should acknowledge the below statements before sending a request for withdrawal.

  • Research students or Researchers should take prior permission from their guides and professors before submitting their manuscripts to the journal.
  • Authors should follow the publication ethics.
  • The manuscript must be appropriately withdrawn if previously submitted in another journal.
  • Before submitting the manuscript to the journal, authors should cross-check the facts and data presented in the manuscripts. They should be accurate and error-free.
  • All authors must agree for publishing the articles in a specific journal before submission.

Unethical Withdrawal

Withdrawal at an advanced stage in the editorial process, such as when completion of the peer-review process, is unacceptable unless there are strong reasons. If the author withdraws a manuscript after publication, the article publication charges, if paid will not be refunded.

At any stage of the publication process, if the authors do not respond to the communication from the editorial office, even after multiple reminders, the journal holds all rights to disclose the conduct of the authors and content of the manuscript without further approval from the authors, and cannot be held responsible for the consequences arising from this action.

The withdrawal of a manuscript will be permitted only for the most compelling and unavoidable reasons. For withdrawal of a manuscript submitting author needs to submit an “Article withdrawal Form”, signed by his/her co-authors mentioning the reason for withdrawal to the journal editorial office. The form is available publisher’s website. Authors must not assume their manuscript as withdrawn until they received prior and appropriate notification to this effect from the editorial office.

In a case where a manuscript has been in the review process for more than six months, the author may withdraw the manuscript without paying any charges.

Manuscript Withdrawal Charges

An author is allowed to withdraw their article at no charge if the author requests a withdrawal of the manuscript within 3 days of submission. If the author requests a withdrawal of manuscript after the peer review process or in the production stage i.e., early Release or ahead of publishing or after online publishing, then authors would have to pay a withdrawal penalty that is if authors wish to retract their paper after rigorous review and revisions, he/she will be labeled to pay 85% of the total expenses on their article as a fee for processing. Since, the review process requires the input of Editors, Reviewers, Managing Editors, Editorial Assistants, Content Writers, Editorial Managing systems & other online tracking systems to ensure that the published article is of good quality and is in its best possible form.

Journal Editorial Office will provide the submitting author a formal letter of manuscript withdrawal. Withdrawal of manuscripts is only allowed after the withdrawal penalty has been fully paid to the journal. As per the policy, we declare withdrawal charges will be applicable in the case of withdrawal.

Withdrawal Form

As per the policy, we declare that in case of withdrawal, the withdrawal charges will be applicable.